Sound Drone Tech was founded by Jay Verkamp in 2016 to help small businesses, realtors, production companies, and professionals of all types, realize their goals in creating memorable web-based content, aerial and online 3D virtual tours, television, and films.


  Jay graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arizona with an interdisciplinary degree that included: Creative Writing, Art History, and Humanities. His twenties were spent chasing the dream of becoming a professional musician while touring around the United States in various bands. Upon returning to Arizona he entered the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, which led to a professional sound mixing career in Los Angeles, CA.

  After attaining his FAA drone pilot certification, and investing his time and resources into 3D and aerial imaging technologies, Jay decided it was time to start Sound Drone Tech to offer his clients even more services by the vendor his clients have grown to trust by virtue of his aesthetics and professionalism. 

  From video production, to aerial photos, to award-winning sound production, and now 3D virtual tours--Sound Drone Tech is contributing to the success and passion of every project in which they are involved.


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Jay Verkamp