Introducing Sound Drone Tech's newest service: 3D virtual tours powered by Matterport! We now have the camera, software package, hosting platform, and creatively infused knowledge to produce stunning, interactive online 3D virtual tours, and beautiful 360° view interactive photographs. The ma-39 video is a fine example of how we combine the aerial drone images with the virtual tour environment to seamlessly give viewers a sense of the geography and the interior details of any given space. Below are examples of different types of views which are included in the making of every 3D virtual space. Follow this link to explore the interactive magic that allows viewers to virtually walk through all of the details your space has to offer: show/?m=H2RxJvXt2Y5&kb=0

Make sure to click on the buttons when exploring our interactive 3D virtual tours. Buttons allow you to point out relevant features to people who are virtually touring your space. You can also add links to your aerial video by adding the link to buttons within the virtual tour. We also include HD photography directly from the virtual tour!

Nothing tells the story about a space like being there, and nothing is closer to being there than a Matterport powered, 3D virtual tour of your space with aerial videos to convey the surroundings and give the space it's place within the geography of the setting. Using a combination of aerial imaging and interactive virtual tours opens up a much broader viewership, and it is an effective means of finding the most qualified and interested people to visit your space. By showing your target audience adjacent points of interest and nearby amenities, you increase their interest and willingness to take the time to visit your space in person. Please watch "The Cottages LA" video for examples of highlighting "adjacent points of interest" in your space's video production.


Nothing tells the story about the location of a property quite like an aerial photograph or video. Drone images have a luring effect. Giving your audience a sense of place, an essence of the geography, is the first step in establishing an emotional response. We aim to make that initial impression a positive one.


Sound Drone Tech specializes in producing marketing videos for aesthetically minded business leaders. What can we do to help your business grow?


Pricing for each individual project can be convoluted when combining multiple services. We are very aware of this fact and we've taken steps to simplify this process:

1) To insure you are getting the fairest price in town, we will price match quotes that are within a reasonable distance from our Hollywood headquarters.

2) Because there are so many factors that enter into putting together an accurate quote, (such as square footage, location, which combinations of services you wish to use for your business and creative needs, etc.), we suggest calling, texting, or sending us an email so that we can put together the best quote possible. We look forward to helping bring your vision to life!